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Getting the Work Done

After years of having it on my To-Do list, I finally have a website. Years ago, I worked as a web designer, and I taught web design. But my focus as a writer has been on the writing.

Until now.

Seven years ago, I started work on my first book, a memoir-told-in-essays now titled¬†And I Will Give You As Many Roast Bones As You Need. Earlier this summer, the book was 350 pages, about 117,000 words, across 21 chapters. I’ve added a chapter, but I trimmed the book down about twenty pages, and I’m still plugging away on the next draft. I pitched a handful of agents earlier this year, and I will pitch a handful more in two or three weeks. I pitch about 10 at a time.

While I finish that book, I am working on a few comics and a short story. I would like to complete the short story and two comics by the end of the year. We’ll see how that goes, as I’m also teaching four classes and I’m in my final year in my PhD program, so that means job hunting and finishing critical papers.

From here on out, I plan on making this a space to talk once a week about my writing process, completing my book, finding an agent (and hopefully publication), as well as academic job hunting and the writer’s life. I have a lot left to accomplish (and once this book is done, I can get back to work on the second book–I have about 50 pages in on that one), but at least my website is up and running. One thing at a time.


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