Our Boots Caked With This Mud

Our Boots Caked With This Mud

published by Sweet: A Literary Confection, Fall 2021
available online

There was no opening act. Only silence...

"Ironman" comic by Sean Ironman


published by Hobart, Summer 2019
available online

In the morning, I opened fewer G.I. Joes. Fewer video games. Then my father showed me what he had built...

One-Way Ticket To The Promised Land by Sean Ironman

One-Way Ticket to the Promised Land

published by Sweet: A Literary Confection, Summer 2018
available online

When I was a kid, my dad drove a county bus. I loved it. He had a holster for his hole punch. Kids at school thought he was a cop...

The Uncanny Uncle Dave by Sean Ironman

The Uncanny Uncle Dave in the Insatiability of Man

published by Nashville Review, Winter 2016
available online

A writing professor in graduate school spoke often about this idea of "having it all." He listed four main areas of life: health, family, work, and writing. The catch, he said, was that you can only focus on three aspects at any given time...

Enough by Sean Ironman


published in Breakers: An Anthology of Comics by So What? Press, 2013
available in print

Do Not Read Out Loud

drawn by Sean Ironman, written by Laurie Rachkus Uttich
published by River Teeth, Winter 2013
available online